11 May 2018

International Nurses Day is happening on Saturday 12 May - the birthday of Florence Nightingale. Although the role and contribution of nurses is recognised and appreciated all year round, this is the day when the public are asked to take a moment to consider the support they get from nurses in their lives at every life stage:

From the beginning, receiving support from midwives and health visitors. During their youth, through contact with school nurses, practice nurses, specialist nurses, and maybe CAMHS nurses.In adult life, receiving support and information to live healthily, from support with sexual health, physical health, mental health to holiday immunisations, wound care and self care. And in later life as we age and need support and advice about long term conditions, the ageing process and end of life care.

Interim Chief Nurse, Lorraine Sunduza said, 

"The contribution that nurses make in every stage of life is impressive. The breadth of the profession is unlike any other. Nurses really are the backbone of the NHS. They are a constant presence whatever the issue or speciality is. I am so proud of our nursing workforce and proud of the thoughtful and sensitive ways they employ in their approach to patient care"