18 May 2018

As part of their training, doctors are tested on their practical skills and knowledge by using actors to simulate different medical and psychological presentations. These practical tests include the ability to assess and treat people with intellectual disability, which are also simulated by actors.

But Tower Hamlets Consultant Psychiatrist, Dr Ian Hall, Associate Dean and Member of the Examinations Subcommittee at the Royal College of Psychiatrists, had other ideas - why not use actors with an intellectual disability who would be able to play those with an intellectual disability more authentically?

Putting Trainee Doctors to the Test

Dr Hall designed and piloted an examination station using actors with intellectual disabilities. He needed to make sure the actors were playing the role in the same way to be fair to all the candidates. So the team worked with the service users to discuss the roles working with a theatre group to help them enact the various scenarios.

Keeping it Real

As well as creating a real-life scenarios for the trainee doctors to get their teeth into, the role players have throughly enjoyed the experience with one saying ‘This is the best day of my year!’

A feature has been published by the Royal College of Psychiatrists here.
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