18 November 2020

With an estimated 7,000 anti-Muslim hate crimes a year, discrimination in many workplaces and the reinforcement of negative association about Muslims in the media, Islamaphobia Awareness Month (IAM) aims to help everyone to learn more about tackling Islamophobia. Islamophobia affects us all, just like racism and anti-Semitism. The IAM campaign aims to unite communities to tackle Islamophobia. 

As an organisation which promotes dignity at work, that has many Muslim staff, and provides services to some of the largest Muslim communities in the UK, ELFT embraces Islamaphobia Awareness Month.

Events happening across the UK

There are a number of events taking place across the UK featuring speakers, researchers, leaders, poets, artists, reflecting on the causes and cures of Islamaphobia, bridging divides, panel discussions, poetry and some inter-faith quizzes. In light of the current situation, everything is online so it easy to join in. Sign up for an event and learn more about the challenge at hand.

Resources >>

Here you can download a slide show or a recording of a talk or discussion to share with colleagues, and reflect and chat about these in your own team.

Sign up for an event and learn more about the challenge at hand.

ELFT condemns any form of discrimination based on age, being disabled, your gender, gender identity,  being married or in a civil partnership, being pregnant or having a child, your religion or beliefs, your race, skin colour or where you were born or your sexuality.