18 January 2021

Newham London needs Vaccine Peer Supporters, to help encourage people to take up the COVID-19 vaccine.  Your role will be to talk to people who have questions or concerns about the vaccine. You will get full training, regular support and in return you give as much time as you can - there is no minimum requirement.

Once trained, you will be matched up with people from the community who may wish to talk informally or in confidence about their concerns. 

People that take on these roles play an invaluable part in helping to turn the tide on COVID-19, so please get in touch with the team and sign up today! 

Contact: covidhealthchampions@newham.gov.uk or message or call 07929 792873 or 02033 732 777

Training sessions take place from 27 January. 

If you, or someone you know, isn't sure about taking the vaccine, has questions or doubts, visit the ELFT Vaccine Hesitancy resource page, for a range of information and links to help you become informed about the science behind the vaccine:  ELFT Vaccine Hesitant Resources>>