10 July 2019

The Trust has been awarded a Healthy Workplace Award. The London Healthy Workplace Award (LHWA) is an accreditation scheme led by the Mayor of London's Office and supported by Public Health England.

It acts as a template for good practice and recognises London employers who invest in their employee’s health and wellbeing. The scheme supports organisations of all sizes across public, private and voluntary sectors.
The LHWA is structured around an evidenced-based model of workplace health and wellbeing, made up of three ‘pillars’:

  • How the organisation uses its policies and management practices to create a working environment that supports health and wellbeing.
  • How the organisation encourages and enables staff to make healthy lifestyle choices related to diet and exercise, alcohol consumption and substance misuse.
  • How the organisation promotes resilience, protects the mental wellbeing of workers and enables people to grow and succeed at work.

The LHWA is designed to work alongside the Mayor of London’s Good Work Standard (GWS) which promotes good working conditions for Londoners, including fair pay, diversity and inclusion, work-life balance, opportunities for professional development and worker representation. There are four pillars in the GWS, one of which is health and wellbeing.

ELFT's Staff Engagement and Wellbeing team will be working to secure additional points to raise ELFT’s rating to ‘Excellent’ in 2020. Watch this space!%