05 August 2019
A public thank you has been issued to Lush by grateful staff for a generous donation to support a self-soothing project helping children and young people in Bedford.

The cosmetics company has provided a stockpile of bath bombs, hand creams and shower scrub to Bedford CAMHS (Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services) after community mental health nurse Kirsty Sharp contacted them.

The items will be packed in self-soothing boxes for a six-month mental health programme for young people starting in September.

The donation of more than 100 items also means there are enough supplies to use for other groups and one-to-one sessions with young people.

“We are absolutely delighted by the generosity of Lush,” said Kirsty.

“We had requested a small number of items but they went above and beyond which is very much appreciated. The young people will benefit greatly from their generosity."