21 January 2020

Bedfordshire Wellbeing Service is holding a webinar event aimed towards Men. The session covers the array of challenges that men may experience including low mood and anxiety and explores brief Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) strategies that can be employed to better manage unwanted symptoms.

Event details

The webinar, titled Men’s Mental Health, will take place on:

  • Thursday, January 30th, 2020, starting from 18:00 and ending at 19:00.

How to access the event?
This is a one-off free webinar – you will need a computer/tablet/phone to watch. A Webinar is a live online presentation – you will not need to interact.

Who should attend?
The Bedfordshire Wellbeing Service is offering a free to attend webinar for those registered with a Bedfordshire GP surgery. 

Why should you attend?
12.5% of men are struggling with a common mental health problem, and 75% of suicides are by men.  We know that men find it more difficult to talk to others when they are struggling and are less likely to engage with mental health services.  Our webinar is a live presentation that requires no interaction and we therefore hope more men will be comfortable accessing information this way.

Unfortunately, men are less likely to talk to friends or go to their GP about how they are feeling, and we hope an anonymous webinar will allow them to feel less alone and learn some helpful strategies to move forwards with.

How to register?
You must register in advance. For more information or to register please call: 07867 179703 or 01234 880400.