05 October 2017

This year’s World Mental Health Day theme is mental health in the workplace so to mark this, the Trust is hosting a conference for employers on:

Tuesday 10 October
From 10.00am- 3.30pm
At Stratford Circus,
1B Stratford Circus Theatre Square,
E15 1BX

The event is free and open to any employers who wish to come along. Contact: communications@elft.nhs.uk to book a place.

The conference will bring a range of employers and organisations together to share good practice and talk about mental health stigma and hear from key speakers about how they try to address stigma to be able to support employees.

There will be talks from the Docklands Light Railway- Back On Track project, from Motivate East, a sports collaborative which promotes sport to people with disabilities, from Community Links, an east London charity which provides a wide range of community support to local people, from Job Centre Plus, and many more.

The day will culminate in a Question and Answer Panel on the subject of Stigma.

Chief executive Dr Navina Evans said: “There is persuasive evidence that paid or unpaid work can have a positive effect on physical health and mental wellbeing. Being at work can be stimulating, give a sense of purpose and be a key way to make friends and socialise. However, it can have the opposite effect if stress and pressure are too great, or if there is a negative management culture. This event will enable us to discuss the key ingredients for a healthy work environment and the steps that employers and employees can take to ensure a good work-life balance.”

About 244,000 new cases of work related stress, depression or anxiety were diagnosed in the UK last year – 668 a day or one every 2.1 minutes. But the numbers could be even higher as many will suffer in silence.

Mental health problems are a leading cause of sickness absence. 70 million work days are lost each year due to mental health problems in the UK, costing employers approximately £2.4 billion per year.

Employers and managers who put in place workplace initiatives to promote mental health and to support employees who have mental disorders see gains not only in the health of their employees but also in their productivity at work.
(Mental Health Foundation)

Conference Programme

10.00-10.30 Registration
10.40-10.50 Welcome- Paul Binfield (Head of People Participation ELFT)
10.50-11.05 Docklands Light Railway- Back On Track - Robert Gough and Ruth Crawford
11.05-11.20 Motivate East - Katie Gentry
11.20-11.35 Community Links - Zoraida Colorado – Health Projects 
                                                  Jason Turner – More than Mentors
12.10-12.30 Job Centre Plus
12.20-12.30 Question and Answer Panel - Stigma

13.10-14.30 Table discussion – ‘How can we work together in the future’
14.30-14.45 Tea and Coffee
2.45 – 3.30 Feedback and future actions/commitments