11 November 2019

Noclor is a research support service for those involved in mental health, community health and primary care.

This is your last chance to book a place for the training taking place at ELFT this Friday. 

For the first time NOCLOR will hold an event at ELFT Trust Headquarters, Robert Dolan House, 9 Alie St, London E1 8DE from 1-5p.m on 15th November. 

The Theme of the session is Good Clinical Practice in Research

It is essential for sound research and corporate governance that all researchers should be trained in Good Clinical Practice.

This is a lecture style course covering the following aspects of GCP:

What is GCP & International Conference on Harmonisation (ICH)?

Review of EU Clinical Trial and GCP Directives, UK Regulations – Statutory Instruments

Roles and Responsibilities

Approvals and Critical Pathways


Essential Documents and Archiving

Drug Accountability


Quality Management System

Audits and Inspections


This course addresses the underlying principles of GCP and is not confined to GCP for clinical trials of investigational medicinal products.

This should be booked via eventbrite on the link below:


It is limited booking to 30 candidates, as per Tutor’ s request and will take place in the ELFT HQ Training Room on the day. 

For further information about the wide range of other training projects Noclor provides, visit their website here.