07 September 2020

A new Bedfordshire Community Epilepsy Specialist Nurse Service has gone live.

The service is led by newly-appointed clinical nurse specialists in epilepsy, Prudence Mbwanda and Shelley Watson.

It is delivered by Bedfordshire Community Health Service (BCHS) and commissioned by Bedfordshire Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG).

The service will support individuals with epilepsy within the community, working collaboratively with hospitals, GP practices, community services and the voluntary sector; focusing on self-care and maintaining independence.

The team will offer personalised care planning and support, training and guidance where needed and hope to reduce hospital re-admissions and associated health needs for their service users.

This service will aim to be accessible to all, with appointments being offered virtually through a secure service, allowing the person with epilepsy to be in a comfortable environment.

Alternative sources of appointments can be given to those who would like to have a face-to-face consultation. The service will also offer regular telephone clinics to those on their caseload, to offer ongoing support.

It is open to referrals from healthcare professionals for anyone over the age of 18 with a confirmed diagnosis of epilepsy, who has a Bedfordshire GP, is not under any other NHS epilepsy nurse service and has had a recent diagnosis within the last six months.

All referrals are to be made by calling the BCHS Single Point of Contact (SPoA) 0345 602 4064.

Contact via email can be made through elft.epilepsyservice@nhs.net, but referrals will not be accepted through this address. Also please do follow the team on the twitter account @EpilepsyNursing , this will be regularly updated with signposting information, training and updates in relation to epilepsy.