15 May 2017

Families, children and colleagues are all welcome to West Ham Lane health Centre on Tuesday 16 May from 3-5pm to see the transformation of the Children's Waiting Area.

Feedback from parents was that although West Ham Lane received a ‘Good’ in the CQC assessment rating last year, they felt that the service could have done even better if the environment did not look so bare and clinical.

Using charity funds available from Barts Health, the area now feature safe soft furniture for young people, new toys and unique wall art.

Young people visiting the centre’s waiting room were asked their views about the colours they would like for the new furniture.

Bow Arts got involved with the parents in the parents’ group that runs at West Ham Lane. The artists took on board parent's suggestions and wrote their quotes on the walls of the building, alongside the art work that was designed by the parents, knowing what would appeal to their children.

Parents and children already love this and their feedback is extremely positive.