14 December 2018

Trust Consultant, Doctor Ben Wright was interviewed about a new digital prescription programme on BBC radio on Wednesday. BBC Three Counties radio show host Nana Akua wanted to know more about the £740,000 programme being piloted at the Trust's Mile End hospital in Tower Hamlets, which will then go on to be rolled out across the the whole of East London, Luton, and Bedfordshire. 

Ben describes why the new system will allow for safer electronic checking which will free up clinicians time to be spent with service users instead. Another advantage to a digital system of prescriptions is that it will mean less chance for human error, with fewer risks of administrative error than before. NHS England provided more money for the pilot programme, which would have been a two-year project, but thanks to NHS England's cash injection, this can now be rolled out in just a year instead.

You can listen to the interview here.