20 May 2020

Earlier this week, Althea Loderick, Chief Executive at Newham Council visited the Integrated Discharge Hub, at Newham University Hospital.

The Integrated Discharge Hub was set up in March 2020 in partnership with Barts Health NHS Trust, East London NHS Foundation Trust, Enabled Living Healthcare, Age UK and Newham Council in response to Covid-19. 

Purpose of Discharge Hub
The aim of the Discharge Hub is to facilitate rapid discharge, within 2 hours, for all patients declared medically fit to return home to where they live, with immediate support where needed. The service runs from 8.00am-8.00pm seven days a week. 
Previously, there was no in-reach team at all in the hospital. The team came together in lightening-quick time when it because apparent that a fast-track mechanism for getting people home was needed. Having Enabled Living Healthcare on the team meant that aids and adaptations that might usually take a few days to install could be factored in straightaway.

The Numbers
Since the Discharge Hub was established, they have supported hundreds of individuals and their families:

  • 77 people were discharged home with the care support restarted or increased
  • 49 people came home with community input to make their homes safer and easier with aids and adaptations. A further 11 in this group had therapeutic input to increase their skills and confidence

  • 169 people were discharged home to the support of a single team, most often the community nursing team

    24 people came home with a longterm package of care

  • 29 people were discharged to an interim care facility to build up their strength and to recover

  • 17 people were discharged back to the care home facility they were living in.

  • 4 were discharged to a longterm care facility

By coming together to coordinate and implementing appropriate health and social care support, local services have been able to support many local residents as never before. The plan is to continue the service as an established pathway for people coming home from hospital now and in the future.