14 December 2016

An inspirational member of staff who works tirelessly to help others has been named Lutonian of the Year 2016.

Liz Aldous, open arts project worker with the Trust's ACE Enterprises, picked up the prestigious accolade at the Luton’s Best awards ceremony on Friday 2 December.

She runs art for wellbeing participatory arts projects and has also led eye-catching mural projects for Onyx and Crystal inpatient wards in Luton.

Liz has worked in a number of roles for statutory and charitable groups in Luton, with her work always related to helping those with mental health problems.

During the last year she has been volunteering, running the Flamingo Arts community project with ex-service users from the NHS.

The last 12 months have also seen Liz  volunteering for the refugee crisis in Greece, delivering humanitarian aid and running art sessions for children in the refugee camps.

With the support of people across the town she managed to raise more than £4,300 to buy supplies for the children.

She is heading to Greece and Milan in January to provide more volunteer support.

Proud Liz said: “My team at Ace Enterprises have been a constant source of support throughout my projects and volunteering and I am really proud to be a part of the work they do.

“I have M.E and have suffered from this since I was 24 and have always wanted to volunteer abroad and finally this year I have achieved my goal.”

Gail Dearing, Associate Director of Social Care for Luton Mental Health and Wellbeing Service, said the award was richly deserved.

“Liz is proud of Luton and I can say, as a Lutonian myself, that we are all so very proud of her,” she said.

“She is amazing.”