10 September 2020

Carers across the country are now able to access a tool designed by a dedicated community matron to help identify and treat pressure ulcers.

Sarah Stringer, who is part of the Trust’s Bedfordshire Community Health Services (BCHS) team, has created a new app to provide a clear, simple educational tool that can be referenced and understood by carers.

Her visual guide is also available on the national NHS Improvement Stop the Pressure website. The project started as part of Sarah’s district nursing Master’s degree studies and the educational tool was first designed as a laminated leaflet.

The printed and digital versions use a traffic light theme to illustrate different stages of pressure sores.

The focus for Sarah’s project has been providing help and support for carers and care home professionals, who support people with the highest risk of developing pressure ulcers. Pressure ulcers cost the NHS more than £2bn a year and the condition is preventable.

“My hope has always been that by working in partnership with colleagues and partner organisations we can make a genuine change, protect the vulnerable and improve their lives and wellbeing by reducing pressure ulcers,” said Sarah, who is also a Queen’s Nurse.

“I feel a tremendous sense of pride in what has been achieved so far and also a responsibility to continue working to increase awareness and understanding of this issue.”

The app has been tested by care home managers and providers in Bedford Borough and Central Bedfordshire. It is now available for free download to any mobile or digital device.

The digital project has been led by Sarah working in partnership with Bedford Borough Council, Bedfordshire Care Group Ltd and Digitwell Solutions.

App details: