14 June 2018
25 staff, supporters and friends participated in a wonderful afternoon in the sunshine as part of the 1418NOW Processions mass art work parade to mark 100 years of votes for women.

They carried a banner made by service users from Brick Lane and Roman Wards, who took part in a series of workshops led by artist Claudette Johnston, to create the banner. As you can see from the fabulous pictures, this featured words that were cut and stitched during the workshops, along with inspirational ideas and images including the figure of Olive Morris, who was a pioneer community leader working with women of African and Asian descent.

Tower Hamlets Modern Matron, Becks Lingard, was struck by the impact the workshops had on the women involved. She said "Whenever I popped into the workshops, the vibe was very peaceful and empowering. The women involved didn't know each other initially. They became close through having a unifying task and working together. It was time to think, share stories, admire each others handiwork and support each other. The women looked forward to the sessions. So the experience of making the banner as well as what it represented had a lot of meaning to the participants."

Friends from Pandemonium Drummers and ELFT Beats came along and helped to make a bit of noise to celebrate. The group were absolutely delighted to have their banner placed in the very front section of the parade.

Members of ELFT Women Network and the Network's Lead, Sarah Canning, were present on the day. If you would like to sign up to be a member of the network or would like to be notified of further events and activities, please get in touch with Sarah via e-mail or phone (020 8510 8146).

Many thanks to all involved in this project – it’s not over yet as there will be an exhibition of the banners to follow, so watch this space for more exciting opportunities to see and celebrate the fabulous creativity of our service users and staff.