31 August 2018

The chance to explore different career opportunities within the Trust is being offered to registered Band 5 and 6 nurses.

ELFT has launched a Registered Nursing Transfer project to deliver opportunities for nursing staff to transfer across to a new speciality within the organisation and across different locations.

Careers advice will also be provided as part of the three-month pilot project to ensure staff have access to information, advice and support when exploring all career and development opportunities within the Trust.

“We have amazing nurses within ELFT and we also have amazing opportunities for nurses who might be looking for a new challenge,” said Chief Nurse Lorraine Sunduza.

“The aim of this project is to build a clear bridge between the two so staff looking for change can do so within the organisation and teams looking for new talent can source it within the ELFT.

"This project is here to help you.”

The aim is to ensure all relevant in-house staff are aware of all development opportunities available to them, maximise career opportunities for a senior nurse, improve staff satisfaction and raise morale.

As well as benefiting individual staff, the project would benefit the wider Trust by helping retain valued staff.

Download the Guidance on Registered Nursing Transfer and Career Advice planning Guidance on Registered Nursing Advice Transfer Scheme here.