08 November 2019

You can view the 'Pow Road Safety' music video here

Clerkenwell Ward is a ward at the John Howard Centre for males with a Learning Disability. As part of their rehabilitation and preparation for discharge home, service users need to undergo a road safety assessment. This is essential for helping them progress to having episodes of un-escorted leave from the unit and means that staff know they are safe in the community when crossing roads and navigating congested junction with heavy traffic. 

With many of us in our own world listening to music through headphones as we walk around, it is a useful reminder to stay alert, be aware of car movement and only cross the road when it is safe to do so.

Lucy Bermange, Lead Learning Disability Occupational Therapist at the unit takes up the story: 

"I thought of the idea of making a music video to make the road safety assessment  more interactive and fun, as well as a way of ensuring that service users were involved in the project. 

We were really fortunate in that Peter Leigh, CEO of the charity Key Changes Music*, got involved. They were essential in putting the video together and run amazing projects at The John Howard Centre.

I re-wrote the lyrics of the Jessie J song 'Payback' and directed the video.  Key Changes very kindly stated that they would help with the music production and editing of the video for no cost. 

We have incorporated the video in our 'Safe Travels' group which is a cross-site group across the Learning Disability wards at the John Howard Centre. Service users who need to practise their road safety will watch the video and will be expected to plan and lead a community group with the support of the Occupational Therapy service.”

* Key Changes Music provide music industry-focused mental health recovery services in hospitals and the community for musicians, song writers, lyricists, producers, vocalists and MC’s. Visit their website here: http://www.keychanges.org.uk/