19 January 2021

With the uncertainty and challenges we are all facing at this current time, it is really important to be kind and compassionate towards ourselves.  

Ben Salmons the Trusts Break The Stigma Campaign lead, Gail Bellamy Principal Clinical Psychologist with the Luton Crisis Resolution and Home Treatment Team and Elizabeth Leahy who was an Assistant Psychologist with the same team until December 2020 all collaborated to create a piece of work to help show the importance of being self-compassionate and techniques to help with this.  

Gail said” “We decided to focus on self-compassion as a subject because it is an area that so many of us struggle with in our everyday lives. Learning to practice saying kinder, more validating things to ourselves is relevant to everyone and I have felt personal benefit over the last five to ten years from practicing compassion focused meditation and also listening to talks and podcasts online.  Elizabeth and I hope that others will benefit from the information and videos we prepared, and possibly even look more into compassionate focused approaches from here”. 

Ben said” Self-compassion is something I admit I have struggled with, I am extremely critical of myself and this has had a big impact on me mentally. I’ve had some excellent help whilst I was accessing mental health services in trying to help me be more compassionate towards myself, but it took me a long time to see just how important it was, but I am so glad I now recognise the importance of it. Taking care of ourselves is a necessity. I really hope this piece of work will help people with the techniques presented by Gail and Elizabeth in being more compassionate towards themselves”.  

A grounding exercise was also created by Gail and Elizabeth to help staff and service users. Elizabeth said ”A grounding exercise, like the one I am going to introduce today, can help to slow your breathing, slow your heart rate, and may help you to feel better able to cope with your emotions and tackle the day ahead.”


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