21 June 2019

A successful Trust engagement event with BAME communities in Newham took place on Wednesday 19th June in Stratford.

The event addressed the challenges that people can face in accessing services and participants considered the proposed mode for redesigning assessment and crisis pathway services so as to better meet peoples' needs. 

The proposed model for change has been explained to the participants together with the national drivers for change which include the NHS Five Year Forward View and the NHS Long–Term Plan. A high range of organisations attended the event, from Trust members and service users to members of the third sector. 

The various backgrounds of the individuals contributed to giving a rounded view on how to improve the service user experience from the point of referral or contacting the services for the first time.

Including all members of the community in the redesign of the service is extremely valuable in making the voices of the underrepresented heard. This process helps the Trust better understand and address healthcare inequalities across Newham.

Ed Lander, Project Lead on the Newham Crisis Pathway said:

‘It was very insightful to listen to the participants’ views and thoughts on the redesign and hear their ideas and solutions to overcoming barriers for BAME communities in accessing crisis pathway services’.

Some of the highlights of the event include an identified need to improve collaborations between agencies (volunteering services, local organisations) and healthcare services, providing access to high quality interpreters and find more creative ways of promoting the service by using modern technology.


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