25 March 2020

Clinical staff from ELFT and Homerton University Hospital came together to create an information video to support parents and/or carers of neurodiverse children in challenging times such as during self-isolation.


Dr Louise Acker, Clinical Psychologist for Tower Hamlets CAMHS Neurodevelopmental Team and Vicky King Children’s Occupational Therapist for Homerton University Hospital worked with their highly esteemed colleagues across multiple teams and Trusts, to create a video that provides information and advice to support parent/careers who have neurodiverse children (such as those with Autism (ASD) or a learning disability), during challenging times and such as self-isolation. They were hugely supported by children and families who were not patients in the Trust but who kindly provided video footage and photographs of their children to illustrate the advice in the video.


“The families we work with are all amazing, however social distancing is going to be an even greater challenge for these children that rely on routine, predictability and occupation to feel calm and regulated” said Vicky King and Louise Acker.


They added, “This video aims to add knowledge on how to care for the children. We hope that this resource will offer guidance and inspiration to parents and carers whenever they need it, particularly whilst we cannot offer the same level of face-to-face support that we normally would in our community teams”.



The video was co-produced with James Smith whose videoing and editing skills made the video possible:


“Not being in the NHS myself, it was a nice way to help out. It’s going to be a tough time particularly for families such as these and it was great to be involved in this project.”


The video is broken down to the following topics:


1.    Information - 0:57

2.    Structure - 01:26

3.    Schedules and predictability - 03:46

4.    Keeping connected - 05:58

5.    What is important to the child - 06:49

6.    Communication and sensory needs - 07:20

7.    Positive attention - 08:33

8.    Safety at home - 09:46

9.    Looking after you - 10:10 


Now that the video is complete, the work continues to try to translate it into other languages, to make it accessible to as wide a range of families as possible. Watch this space!