04 July 2018
To mark the 70th Anniversary of the NHS, Chief Executive Navina Evans tracked down staff in the Trust who share their birthday with the NHS. It turns out their are 17 staff who were born on 5 July.

Navina invited them to join her for afternoon tea. Five people were able to come along and represented all corners of ELFT. Marketing Manager Roza Sakellaropoulou was the youngest. No one owned up to being the oldest!

Navina's guests were:
Mason Fitzgerald, Director of Planning and Performance
Roza Sakellaropoulou, Marketing Manager, Communications team
Jo Prince, Speech and Language Therapist in Bedfordshire
Larisza Marks, CBT therapist in the IAPT service, Richmond
Mary Bailey, Information Analyst in Corporate Services at The Green

The group come under the zodiac sign of Cancer and speculated about whether they shared similar qualities. Discussion turned to how long people had worked for the NHS, what drew them to come and work in health care, what kept them working in the NHS and what their first NHS roles had been.

Happy Birthday to the NHS and those born on 5 July


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