26 July 2019

The City & Hackney Recovery College has created an incredible film together with service users that gives us an inside look at just how much of an impact the service has to the lives of its users and its goal to spreading knowledge on the benefits of such a service.

Rachael Levett tells us the aim and focus of the video:

"The City & Hackney Recovery College is proud to present our first short film. The aim of the project was to show staff and service users across the trust a little about recovery colleges and why they are vital to mental health services as a whole. The idea is that they should empower people focusing on strengths and abilities, moving away from the "us and them" and towards viewing people as they want to be seen rather than as an illness. 


The film shows how the recovery college in Hackney has impacted people’s lives, tutors, students and colleagues and hopefully improves peoples current understanding of recovery colleges, their benefit and the model used to support our students, tutors and the wider community in Hackney. 
Please come and visit us, share on social media and ask as many questions as you wish!"  


Watch the videos here.

Short Version:


 Full Version: