23 September 2019

We are looking at creating a promise statement that will help reinforce the identity of the Trust, to explain how staff delivers the mission, vision and values and will reaffirm the areas where the Trust is ahead of the curve.

The promise also allows staff, patients, clinicians, governors and board members to come together and own the promise.

Following an initial focus group made up of a range of staff, the proposed promise statement is:

‘We promise to work together creatively to: learn what matters to everyone, achieve a better quality of life and continuously improve our services.’


Before going further, we want to know the thoughts of service users about the proposed promise statement. Do you agree with it? Can you identify with it?

We would really value your opinion!

Your feedback in answering the questions in this short survey will assist in finalising the promise statement for ELFT.

Please click the link to share your views: https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/ELFTPromise1

Have a look at the video of CEO Dr Navina Evans who explains the intention behind creating the ELFT Promise: