25 July 2018
A big step towards a smaller carbon footprint has been taken by the Trust with the launch of an environmental campaign to make it greener and more efficient.

It has kick-started a ‘Green ELFT’ initiative to raise awareness of green issues in the workplace and promote sustainability.

Green ELFT posters and stickers are being displayed at sites across the organisation encouraging staff to think about the small steps they can take to save energy and resources.

The Trust is also making significant changes to become a leaner green machine.

These include:

• Large scale recycling implementation across the Trust

• Creation of a Trust travel plan to help staff in making a greener choice in terms of travel.

• Eventual removal of all single use plastic cups across the Trust sites to be replaced by branded ELFT reusable cups

• LED lighting replacement for sites with the poorest energy efficient lighting

• Plant room and boiler insulation to maximise efficiency of larger buildings.

• Installation of new bicycle hangars - or equivalent - across multiple Trust sites at the rate of three new hangars a year.

• Installation of electric car charging points at the John Howard Centre as part of a Government initiative. Charging points will be added to other suitable sites if successful.