11 November 2019

In an article for Frontline magazine, ELFT Physiotherapist Raguraman Padmanabhan shares his experience rolling out the telehealth system in Newham.

Telehealth is a system that uses technology to empower service users monitor their own health.

Raguraman Padmanabhan also co-led the implementation of using mobile technology from a Telehealth perspective to help patients with severe mental illness manage their own health as part of a project called REFRAME.

REFRAME was a feasibility randomised controlled trial led by Dr.Frank Rohricht that aimed at supporting people with mental health issues work towards their recovery goal.

Physiotherapist Raguraman Padmanabhan is the Clinical Lead for Telehealth and Health and Social Care Navigators-EPCT at East Ham Care Centre.

Read the full article here: https://bit.ly/2NnRwmd