25 April 2018

The Enhanced Primary Care Mental Health Carers Hub has been recognised for the way they have focused on the needs of carers in Tower Hamlets.

The Enhanced Primary Care Mental Health Carers Hub was launched in April 2017 to create an opening for carers to receive support. It's aims were to:

Provide a place where carers could feel comfortable to meet and engage with other carers and professionals in a group setting once every fortnight.

Promote Happiness and Health & Well-being

Provide Emotional support

Offer Practical advice

Engender feelings of empowerment and feeling supported

Increase knowledge of where to go for help -  outside organisations

Access peer support

Reduce isolation

Share experiences, tips tools and coping strategies

Changes and Improvements

During this time many changes and improvements have been made to nursing practice with to support carers.
The frequency of face to face contacts dedicated to carers has increased.

It has allowed nurse practitioners to focus more on the Carer’s needs as an individual and recognise that Carers have their own goals and aspirations.

Nurses have set aside time outside of clinic time to attend the hub and interact with Carers without the service user present.

Nurses have been involved in helping organise social events with the Carers Hub to encourage celebrations from all faiths and community groups.

And Nurses have been able to offer their expertise to carers on topics surrounding mental health conditions, symptoms and issues around medication in a less formal setting or in a ‘crisis situation’.

And the winner is ..

The RCNi judges had to whittle down 800 entries to create a shortlist of 70 finalists.

All winners will be announced at the RCNi Nurse Awards ceremony on Wednesday 4 July 2018.


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