10 January 2020

Health professionals at Tower Hamlets Community Foothealth Service recently allowed cameras into their clinics to shoot a new information video aimed at referrers such as GPs and health professionals, patients and their families. 

Podiatrists and service users working together
Service Lead Stephanie Benjamin said:

“We commissioned this video because how we deliver the service has changed. Our goal is to provide clarity for our service users and other stakeholders.”

The script was developed together with people who use the service, who have lots to say about caring for feet to camera.  Shot over two days at the Foothealth clinic at Mile End Hospital, the purpose of the film is to:


  • provide clarity for referrers, patients and their families on the changes being made to Tower Hamlets Foothealth Service and the services that are now provided
  • identify the type of conditions the TH Foothealth service are able to treat, and those that are no longer treated
  • signpost alternative foothealth organisations where patients can contact to obtain treatment
  • provide patients with practical information and  guidance on how to improve and  maintain their health of their own feet.



Petra Nittel, Deputy Director for Community Service for Tower Hamlets said:

“Apart from providing information about how the service has changed, it felt important to focus on how people can be proactive in their footcare thus minimalizing the risk of further complication in the future. This is what the people who use the service and have taken part in the film felt was important to say to camera.”

“I am very thankful to our services users and to Stephanie and her team for taking time out to create and participate in the film. The film is being widely distributed in Tower Hamlets as a vital resource in our quest to ensure people live healthier lives.”

For more information about Tower Hamlets Foothealth service please visit - www.elft.nhs.uk/service/364/Foothealth---Tower-Hamlets