18 March 2016

This week marks one year since the Tower Hamlets Integrated Provider Project or THIPP, became one of the first 29 vanguards to be announced. Across the country, vanguards are leading a national NHS programme aimed at transforming care for patients, communities and staff in towns, cities and counties across England.

Richard Fradgley, Director of Integrated Care at ELFT said,

Integrated care can come across as complicated, but it is essentially about delivering joined up services around the person. We will need new models of care to  genuinely deliver person centred co-ordinated NHS and social care which is completely seamless.  There is no clear blueprint so this is really cutting edge. It’s an opportunity to join up the way we deliver services across agencies but with the person/citizen in the decision-making chair.

Additionally, we have been asking health and social care staff from across the whole borough for their suggestions about areas where we can join together to provide care to work smarter.”

There are now 50 vanguards in total that are part of the national new care models programme which is playing a key role in the delivery of the NHS Five Year Forward View – the vision for the future of the NHS.

Working across Tower Hamlets, THIPP is testing out new ways of delivering care that will act as blueprints for the future of the health and care system. This is all about making health and care services more accessible and more effective for patients, improving their experiences and their outcomes.

In ELFT, we have been working with care homes and nursing homes through our occupational therapy service to strengthen person-centred support for people with dementia.

The Department of Psychological Medicine (DoPM) has been established within The Royal London Hospital to provide mental health assessment and support for people attending A&E or who are in hospital with physical health needs. Bringing together expertise in adult and older people’s mental health, and drug and alcohol services provides a one-stop resource for families and staff in the acute hospitals.

To help Tower Hamlets Vanguard make the changes it wants to and at a pace for the benefit of local patients it has received £2.9m of additional funding. This will also help it to spread good practice across the wider NHS and social care community, as well as to improve the working lives of doctors, nurses and other NHS and social care staff who work in Tower Hamlets.