19 January 2017

East London NHS Foundation Trust is developing a plan to provide enhanced care for female service users who receive care at Keats Ward in Weller Wing, Bedford Hospital.

Weller Wing has long been recognised as an unsuitable environment for providing inpatient mental health care and the Trust has been working to find an alternative location far better suited for helping people recover from mental health difficulties.

We have identified Townsend Court in Houghton Regis as the best available alternative to Weller Wing in the short term.

The Keats Ward relocation project would also involve our ward at Townsend Court for Older Adults patients with dementia.

Townsend Court patients, who receive shorter-term acute care, will subsequently be cared for at Fountains Court in Bedford Health Village or supported through clinically appropriate discharge back into the community.

We appreciate this may be an unsettling period.

However, we will keep you informed and would stress that providing the best level of patient care remains our absolute priority.

All of the changes are for the shorter term while we continue to work towards a long-term plan of how acute mental health care is provided for the people of Bedford Borough and Central Bedfordshire.

In the meantime, if you have any urgent questions or concerns then please contact communications@elft.nhs.uk