Dr Kate Corlett, GP and Associate Medical Director

Kate Corlett talks about Stoptober and why we should never stop talking to patients and service users about quitting smoking. And if at first you don't succeed, then try again because this time … might be the right time!

Respect and Dignity, Everyday


Dr Navina Evans, Chief Executive 

Dr Navina Evans on how our interactions with one another at work matter, and why we need to think about the impact words can have in the workplace. 

CEO Blog: My NHS 70th Birthday Wish

Dr Navina Evans, Chief Executive 05/07/18
As the NHS celebrates its 70th year, CEO Dr Navina Evans, reflects on the NHS constitution, making use of new resources and new approaches to the way we deliver healthcare

Opportunity in Failure

Dr Navina Evans 08/05/18
“There is a lot of opportunity in failure” said Angie, Executive Assistant to me one day, when I was feeling a bit frustrated. This simple encouragement was such a 'pick me up'.
There is much wisdom and advice around about failure. ‘Failure is inevitable. Failure is part of growing, learning and developing. Fail fast, pick yourself up, and move on. Failure is integral to success.’ And so on.

An immigrant in the NHS

Dr. Navina Evans 19/02/18
‘Comprehensive. Universal. Free at the point of delivery.’ These words defined a sophisticated and civilised society. They still do.

People Participation

Dr. Navina Evans 12/01/18
As a patient and carer, I value small acts of kindness not specified in job descriptions. As a doctor I’m curious about the appetite for positive risk taking among fellow clinicians. I also feel the frustration of clunky systems and processes which get in the way. As a CEO, I want small acts of kindness to take centre stage and frustrations to be minimised. I therefore promise to be a very active, involved and engaged patient!

The Impact of Legacy

Dr Navina Evans 29/11/17
In her second blog post, Dr Navina Evans Chief Executive of ELFT, discusses the impact of legacy and how we can make more of the opportunities it offers.

The power of a one woman campaign

Dr Navina Evans 10/11/17
I was recently listening to the radio while driving on the motorway in the rain. I find these are conditions when something I hear can be really touching and painful. There was a report was about Epilim (Sodium Valproate)a drug which saves lives but also can have a devastating impact on the unborn child when taken by pregnant women. 
These facts were hidden from women for a long time, the true extent of which was only just emerging. 
It was very uncomfortable for me to know that I to belong to a paternalistic system where caring and lack of care can be so closely linked. 

Learning, sharing, improving. Always

Dr Navina Evans 10/11/17
Introducing a new blog series 'Learning, sharing, improving. Always…' by ELFT CEO, Dr Navina Evans.  Dr Navina Evans is one of the first female, ethnic minority chief executives in the NHS. She led East London NHS Foundation Trust (ELFT) to become ‘Trust of the Year’ in 2016/17 and to be rated ‘Outstanding’ by the CQC. Navina’s interests include inclusive leadership, improving the way healthcare is delivered and learning from sources beyond healthcare
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