A Day in the Life of Blog

This blog series looks at a day in the life of different staff around the Trust. Every month we showcase a different staff member giving an account of an average day in their service.  Stay tuned as we explore the range of roles, professions and services across the Trust from child speech and language therapy, sickle cell service, palliative care and inpatient mental health treatment. 

Perinatal Blog

In this blog, Dr Rebecca Moore, a Consultant Psychiatrist in the Perinatal Service in Tower Hamlets, will reflect on new research, new services available for women and their families, online support and link in with national news and campaigns about maternal mental health. 

Summer Time

Thomas Carr 15/08/16
Summer can be tough on our service users. When I was an inpatient in Barnet, I was very anxious to go outside because I didn’t know the area, so was consigned indoors. This was in mid-September, in the midst of an oddly timed heat wave. Sitting inside on the couch....
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