06 December 2018

East London NHS Foundation Trust (ELFT) is at the forefront of a national programme to further improve patient safety through the introduction of electronic prescribing and administration (ePMA)..

ELFT is one of 13 NHS Trusts that will be the first to receive a share of £78m to support ePMA.

It is receiving £740k for the project, which is being piloted at Mile End Hospital in Tower Hamlets and will be rolled out across all services from early in 2019.

The use of ePrescribing removes the need for handwritten prescriptions and dramatically reduces the risks of medication error.  It will support medicines optimisation and improve patient outcomes where medicines are used in treatment.

Dr Paul Gilluley, Chief Medical Officer for ELFT, said: “Our Trust places tremendous value on the role of digital technology in supporting our fantastic staff and their work to provide the best possible patient care”.

"The move to ePrescribing means we can do away with paper prescription charts, nurses will not have to decipher illegible handwriting and drug information and clinical prescribing decision support will be readily available.”

He added: “It will save time, improve safety and bring about improved outcomes for patients.”