21 August 2019

The East London Foundation Trust has been successfully nominated for the 2019 Health Service Journal Awards in two categories this year.

The Health and Local Government Partnership Award is for the partnership work the Trust has done alongside Newham CCG.

This alliance between the Trust and Newham CCG has brought together NHS providers and the local authority in Newham in an innovative new £200m partnership to set up Health and Care Space Newham Ltd (HCSN).

This company is the first of its kind in the country and will use the Local Healthcare Alternative Finance Organisation (AFO) model to develop and build a series of new health and care centres across the borough, to fix Newham’s current poor building stock.

HCSN is owned by the local authority and East London Foundation Trust (ELFT) and will be able to access new debt funding for capital projects from the local authority and commercial funders.

The planned development covers investment until 2035 and will build four new state of the art health and well-being hubs, eight new practices and at least 180 affordable homes for keyworkers. GPs will occupy 70% of the final medical estate and over 410,000 registered patients will benefit.

The project operates a unique, collaborative financial model that will also provide new income streams through affordable rental income and large efficiency savings. These will be recirculated into the local healthcare system, with partners and staff benefitting from affordable lower rents at the same time.

The second HSJ nomination, for Staff Engagement, is for the variety of work done across the Trust to assist staff in enjoying the work they do.

Part of this involved a high profile campaign and roadshow this year, alongside work to identify improvement ideas that can become initiatives that teams test and embed.

Work has also been done to foster a culture of trust, where staff feel safe and are encouraged to raise ideas for teamwork improvement.

All of which is underpinned by a wide range of Quality Improvement (QI) processes.

Initiatives have included testing of different shift patterns, varying work locations and building exercise into the working day.

The winners are announced in November. Full details of all categories and nominations are available here.