09 October 2018

Trust Nursing Practitioners Sihle Malapela and Abdul Rawkib are being highlighted by the Queen’s Nursing Institute for leading a new project in Newham called Health Champions for the Homeless.

It is a new initiative aiming to assist homeless people living in Newham to better manage conditions such as diabetes, mental health and respiratory conditions.  In order to make this happen, the plan is to enlist the support of peer mentor health champions.

Following studies, people in vulnerable, hard to reach groups are more likely to take advice and accept support from people in their own peer group. By training and developing a cohort of health champions that have close community ties to homeless people, lives can be improved. 

The health champions’ main aim will be to help signpost their peers to the appropriate health services and promote self-management of existing health conditions. 

The Queen’s Nursing Institute is a charity that was founded in 1859, and its focus is on working to improve the nursing care of people in their own homes. It has been working with allied health professionals to help improve the lives of homeless people since 2007 when it launched the Homeless Health Initiative. 

Read more about Newham's Health Champions for the Homeless project here.