04 January 2017

The Trust’s patient experience feedback system has been recognised by The Patient Experience Network (PEN), with the Trust being shortlisted in their 2017 National Awards.

Their nomination called 'Collect, Review, Do' has been shortlisted in two categories :
•The Measuring, Reporting and Acting category, and
•Friend and Family Test, and Patient Insight for Improvement category

The nomination submission charts the introduction of an online system to gather patient feedback electronically rather than on paper systems which has resulted in real-time patient feedback now being collected via an automated system within 85% of services across the Trust.

Saving Time and Responding to Feedback
Our use of technology to collect the feedback of our service-users has not only saved time, but has also allowed us as an organisation to make more informed changes to services due to the fact we can display data on a team, directorate and Trust level. Teams have worked hard to make this process work  and we hope to continue to improve these systems, empowering staff across the Trust to make the small changes that have a big impact

This approach has resulted in a reduction in workload within those teams who are utilising electronic methods. It removes the requirement to input data and so frees up time to focus on making changes that matter.

Workload reduction has been achieved within the central team of 140 hours per month enabling them to utilise this time to facilitate the development and implementation of change ideas gathered from patient feedback.

The PEN National Awards recognise best practice in the experience of care across all facets of health and social care in the UK. They are the first to have awards dedicated to patient experience that celebrate the delivery of outstanding patient experience by those involved in the health and social care industry.

The winners will be announced on 21 March 2017 at the PEN Conference in Birmingham.