11 April 2019

In May, the Trust is to host a unique pop-up art installation, run by the Empathy Museum, for staff, service users, carers and colleagues from other organisations to experience. The exhibition is called ‘A Mile in My Shoes’. The pop-up museum is a shoe shop that will be housed in a container  (like the ones you see on lorries). When you enter the shoe shop, you will select a pair of shoes, put them on and then listen to recordings on headphones and view images of the speakers talking about their lives and what is going on for them and then literally walk a mile in their shoes.

A Mile in my Shoes is an opportunity to hear the personal stories of a range of people who have recorded their perspective on life providing insight into their view of the world.

Why You Should Visit The Empathy Museum

We can all obviously read each other to a certain extent through our daily actions, what we say, and our facial expressions. The Empathy Museum provides space to hear what is going on behind words and behaviour: the thoughts, worries, fears, troubles, issues, philosophies, beliefs and expectations that can impact on our responses and reactions to situations.
The installation reminds us to take a step back, take a moment to try and understand what is going on for a service user, a colleague, a family member or a friend - beyond the image they present to us.

The exhibition is part of ELFT's Dignity@Work campaign. You can view an introduction to the campaign from Tanya Carter, ELFT's HR Director and Lorraine Sunduza, Chief Nurse HERE on You Tube

Viewing the Exhibition - London and Bedfordshire Locations

13 May - 17 May 2019

For London visitors, The Empathy Museum will be at:
Mile End Hospital car park
Bancroft Road
London E1 4DG

Open from 7am-7pm

20-25 May 2019

In Bedfordshire, the Empathy Museum will be available at:
Twinwoods Health Resource Centre car park
Milton Road, Clapham
MK41 6AT

Open from 7am to 7pm. 

The installation will be available for a twelve hour period each day to enable everyone to visit. We are keen that colleagues from other organisations come along, as well as service users, carers and family members.

You are encouraged to do selfies, film yourselves and post comments and reflections on social media..

Set Aside Time to Listen

There are approximately 40 pairs of shoes in the shop - so 20 people at any given time guarantees that a good range of options and sizes are available. Each story is between 9 and 15 minutes long with some people doing more than one story. The Empathy Museum recommends that browsers take little time afterwards to reflect.

Through My Eyes

Alongside the exhibition a series of ‘Big’ Conversations in Localities will also take place called ‘Through My Eyes’. We plan to offer staff the opportunity to record their own stories in our own Empathy project: Through my Eyes.%2


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