23 September 2020

To mark World Suicide Prevention Day, ELFT hosted an online sharing and learning event on 10 September.

It was a valuable opportunity for people to share ideas and contribute to the development of the ELFT Suicide Prevention Strategy.

People with lived experience of suicide and suicidal thoughts - from various perspectives - were involved, and an important conversation about the language of risk and the barriers to accessing care was initiated.

ELFT's Suicide Prevention lead, Consultant Psychiatrist Dr Chloe Beale, introduced the event & described what has been done so far to develop a Trust wide suicide prevention strategy.

Sarah Anderson CBE, and CEO of The Listening Place, introduced a session on 'What Can NHS Services Learn From Third Sector Organisations?'

Dr James Lee-Davey led a session on personal reflections on suicide and risk. The day finished with participants sharing ideas on what is needed from a Trust wide Suicide Prevention Strategy.

​Commenting on the event afterwards, Dr Beale said: "This marks an important step in us working towards the creation and implementation of an effective and meaningful Suicide Prevention Strategy.

"Thanks to the wide and diverse range of people that took part, we were able to have very productive and meaningful discussions.

It was agreed that an emphasis on genuine co-production across all our services can deliver a real and sustained reduction in suicide."

Head of the Trust's People Participation team Paul Binfield, who co-led the event said:

"It was heartening to see the amount of people that took part in the event today.

"There is a genuine desire across the Trust to see a positive impact on the figures, to drive them down.

"We have to get the message out there that there is nothing taboo about suicide. Talk about it openly, ask people you are worried about directly.

"Life can be tough, especially right now with the pressure on people with COVID-19.

"But working together to support people is what ELFT does well, and that includes around the issue of suicide prevention." 

To find out more about suicide prevention visit the Zero Suicide Alliance for training and resources>>