Zakiyah Tasneem is a Learning and Development Officer based in the Human Resources department at Trust Headquarters. She is doing this role as part of an Apprenticeship.

What attracted you to joining an apprenticeship programme?
What attracted me was the fact that I can gain nationally recognised qualifications while earning. This also gives me all the applicable experience I need to go further in my career. An Apprenticeship is a guide which helps immensely to get you where you want to be in the future.

What type of apprenticeship did you embark on?
I am doing a Business Administration Apprenticeship in the Learning and Development team.

How did you find out how to apply for the Apprenticeship with ELFT?
I found and applied for this vacancy via the Government – Apprenticeship website

Was there are interview and tests?
There were quite a few stages in the interview/recruitment process however this was all laid back.

Had you been working already?

How did you feel at the beginning, on your first day?
I was relatively nervous to begin with however I was made to feel comfortable by the team instantly and had a strong support system around me.

How did you find studying and working at the same time?
As long as you are making time for studying and completing it to the best that you can, it is all smooth sailing.

Was it good to earn and learn?
Yes, it’s a great to do both at once.

How did the team respond to you in this new position?
They supported me from the start and helped me develop within my role; they are hard-working and encouraging and best of all, very entertaining.

What were the highlights?
The team members and all the experience I gained including everything I learnt throughout.

What were the challenges?
The challenges would probably be how fast paced everything is. However as long as you are organised and have a good support system – all challenges become easier to overcome.

Any funny or strange experiences along the way?
Many funny experiences along the way!

What would you say to others thinking about an apprenticeship?
I think that an Apprenticeship is one of the best starts to your career. It gives you all the necessary experience as well as a qualification. You receive a good comprehension of the world of work; you can also, at the end of your first Apprenticeship year, go up to the next level and slowly build yourself up.


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