For information on the flu campaign 2021-22 for ELFT staff, please visit the Trust's intranet page here. 

This year’s season is especially challenging because of the impact of COVID-19. It is even more important to minimise disruption to services and protect service users, yourselves, your family and friends by getting the flu jab.

If you have any concerns regarding the use of porcine gelatine in the vaccine, please read the guidance here >> and Guidance from the Muslim Council of Britain can be found here >>

Medical Director Prof Frank Röhricht wrote a research piece that will answer some of your questions regarding the Seasonal Influenza Vaccination >>

CEO Paul Calaminus having the flu jab on Tuesday, 29 September 2020.

For public information about the flu jab, and what the experts say about having both the flu and Covid-19 vaccine this year, visit the NHS information page here. 


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