UPDATED April 24, 2020

Covid-19 SERVICE UPDATE - Adult Mental Health

There have been some changes to how Adult and Older Adult Mental Health Services are operating because of the Coronavirus emergency.

  • Crisis Services
    Crisis line continues to operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. For crisis enquiries please continue to call the 24-hour Crisis Line on 020  7771 5807.
    We have opened a Crisis Hub to avoid unnecessary contact with RLH Emergency Department.  Patients requiring emergency mental health assessment will be directed to the Crisis Hub as an alternative to A&E if they do not have physical health needs. Referral should be via mental health liaison as usual or the Crisis Line.
    Tower Hamlets Crisis Hub
    Albion Annex
    333 Whitechapel Road
    London E1 1BU
  • The Tower Hamlets Home Treatment Team continues to operate 7 days a week however the service is prioritising support to the inpatient service to run safely. The team is carrying out some face to face contacts e.g. to supervise/administer medications and for risk and Safeguarding concerns. The Crisis Therapy Service continues to operate a reduced service operating by telephone.

    The Crisis House run by Lookahead in partnership with ELFT remains open (though with reduced capacity due to building works). It cannot accommodate COVID positive patients

  • Community Mental Health Services

    The four Community Mental Health Teams, Perinatal Mental Health and Tower Hamlets Early Intervention Service are still operating. They are accepting urgent referrals and triaging patients by telephone.  Patients under CPA care are receiving contact by telephone and all patients considered to be vulnerable are being identified for telephone support. The teams are only seeing patients face to face if there is no other means of managing their care or associated risks. 

    Please call or email the relevant team if you wish to discuss a referral or ask for advice.

  •  Team Telephone number Email address
     Bethnal Green and Globe Town CMHT 020 3487 1400 elft.BethnalGreenCMHTReferrals@nhs.net
     Stepney and Wapping CMHT 020 7791 5200 elft.CMHTStepneyWapping@nhs.net
     Bow and Poplar CMHT 020 3487 1350 elft.Bow-Poplar-Referrals@nhs.net
     Isle of Dogs CMHT 020 7791 8299 elft.IsleOfDogs@nhs.net
     Tower Hamlets Early Intervention Service (THEIS)  020 3487 1310 elt-tr.THEIS@nhs.net
     Perinatal Mental Health Services 020 8121 5425 elft.TowerHamletsPerinatalTeam@nhs.net

  • Enhanced Primary Care Service
    The service has reduced to a duty system due the redeployment of critical staff. This service is not currently open to new referrals. All routine face to face and more recently telephone consultations have been cancelled and patients have been advised of support lines should this be required.

  • Mental Health Care for Older People and Diagnostic Memory Clinic

    The CMHT for Older People and the Diagnostic Memory Clinic are continuing to operate and are currently functioning as one combined service.  The service is accepting urgent referrals, with triage and assessment conducted by telephone.  Referrals for cognitive testing are considered non-urgent and all memory assessments have been placed on hold until further notice.

    The service is providing support by telephone for most vulnerable service users.  The teams are only seeing patients face to face to administer depots, to provide practical support for the most isolated, and for those where there is no other means of managing their care.  The service maintains strong lines of communication with the borough care homes, including the extra care sheltered accommodation, providing intensive long arm support.

    The Integrated Care mental health Liaison team are still offering support to the integrated care cohort, but please email referrals to Elft.th-mhcop-spe@nhs.net rather than the locality nurse.

    If you would like to discuss a new referral or ask for advice then please call the team on 020 3738 7000 or email elft.th-mhcop-spe@nhs.net

  • Tower Hamlets Talking Therapies

    THTT are functioning remotely and welcoming referrals. Dedicated resources are provided for patients with Covid-19 anxiety. Website.

  • Psychological Therapies Service and Deancross

    Both therapy services are providing telephone support for service users open to their service.  They have identified those most vulnerable and make regular contact providing a crisis type intervention.  They will reopen to urgent referrals for therapeutic interventions in the coming weeks, and are exploring ways of offering online group and 1:1 therapy, as well as ways for service users to draw on existing resources to support themselves and each other.

  • The Tower Hamlets AMHP service
    The service continues to provide support for service users in Tower Hamlets needing assessment under the Mental Health Act. The team has temporarily relocated to The Robinson Centre, Mile End Hospital, Bancroft road, London E1 4DG. Telephone referrals on 0203 738 7002 or 7036 or send an email to TowerHamletsAMHPservice@towerhamlets.gov.uk
  • Clozapine Clinic
    This is open and functioning well, providing blood tests when needed and administering clozapine with appropriate checks
  • Community Learning Disability Service
    The service is made up of three teams, Community Health and Wellbeing, Mental Health and Positive Behavioural Support, and Transition teams and they all continue to operate. They are accepting referrals and maintaining contact by telephone, all patients considered to be vulnerable have been identified for telephone support. The teams are seeing patients face to face if there is no other means of managing their care or associated risks. Liaison work is underway to support families and supported accommodation with managing challenging behaviour and safeguarding concerns. 
    Please email the referrals or Duty team if you wish to discuss a referral or ask for advice:
    Or Tel: 0207 771 5500

    The Autism Diagnostic Service continues to accept referrals and are undertaking telephone assessments. Please email or telephone the service to discuss a referral or for advice:
    Or Tel. 0203 487 1312
  • Inpatient wards
    All our inpatient wards are open and functioning with reduced occupancy to support social distancing.  Staff are wearing required PPE and we are cohorting patients who are positive for Covid19 to care for them separately from patients without Covid19.  We have temporarily moved some of our consultants and medical staff on to each wards to reduce transmission between wards.  To keep occupancy low and to limit the risk of contracting Covid on our wards, we are working hard to use alternatives to admission such as Home Treatment Team, Crisis Response team and increased Community support in CMHTs wherever possible. There is no visiting to wards and patients have limited access to leave as per the National lockdown guidance.​
  • Perinatal Community Team
    Accepting referrals

Covid-19 SERVICE UPDATE - Community Health Services

During this period all East London Foundation Trust Tower Hamlets Community Health Services will:

  • Monitor rising risk of deferred work whilst disruption continues

  • Actively coach patients/carers to self-administer where clinically appropriate

Should you have a query that is not covered below, please contact Petra Nittel, Deputy Director for TH CHS or Michael McGhee, Director for CHS via elft.communications@nhs.net

Rapid Response (2 hour response)
Any changes to referral pathway? Unchanged
Current position: Operational

Foot Health
Any changes to referral pathway? Unchanged
Current position: 
Daily triage
Appointments for High Risk referrals only
Initial assessments by telephone
Where appropriate, patients and carers are taught how to carry out interventions such as wound dressings or foot care

EPCT Localities
Community nursing services (including district nurses)

Physiotherapy & Occupational Therapy
Falls Pathway
Care Navigators
Tracheostomy Changes

Any changes to referral pathway? Unchanged for Primary Care. All hospital discharges pathway 1-3 discharged via  the  Integrated Discharge Hub (IDH) 
Current position: 
Referral from GPs via TH SPA
Referral from hospitals via TH Integrated Discharge Hub
Home visits prioritised for High Risk/Complex and end of life patients 
Initial assessments by telephone
Where appropriate, interventions are carried out using digital media, i.e. teaching for patients and carers where this is appropriate
Where appropriate, patients and carers continue to be taught how to carry out interventions such as insulin administration, eye drops and simple dressings.

Community Continence Clinic
Any changes to referral pathway? Unchanged
Current position:
Indwelling urinary catheter changes
Resolution of queries re continence pad supply

Older Person’s Clinic – Frailty
Any changes to referral pathway? Unchanged
Current position:
Clinic closed
Triage of referrals by Geriatricians for urgent intervention, i.e. suspected malignancy, who will initiate further assessment and follow up with results and management plans virtually
Assessment and advice for patients at risk of falls through the EPCT Falls Pathway

Continuing HealthCare
Any changes to referral pathway? Now via Integrated Discharge Hub
Current position:
Packages of Care put in place via the Integrated Discharge Hub
Urgent reviews where needed

Admission Avoidance and Discharge Service

(Admission Avoidance in RLH ED, Intermediate Care Service)
Any changes to referral pathway? Unchanged
Current position: Operational

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