Are you interested in the latest research taking place in ELFT?  If so, join us on

Wednesday 3 October
From 2.00pm-5.00pm

For a whirlwind tour of research studies which have taken place or are underway in the Trust.

This half-day conference has a tried and trusted formula, running a series of very brief presentations on a wide range of research projects that are being conducted in the Trust. Attendees get a snapshot of information on 14 different projects, ranging from epidemiological studies to clinical trials and qualitative work.

See the year's programme here

This is the 16th annual Mental Health Research in East London conference. It will take place in the Robin Brooks Centre, St Bartholomew’s Hospital.

This is the usual teaching afternoon for doctors, but all staff and not only doctors are most welcome. 
This is a free event and no registration is required.

Feedback from previous years has been overwhelmingly positive:  The event is “inspiring and motivating”, “very informative and engaging”, and showcases the “excellent quality of research”.  It was “great to network” and “a buzz to see the enthusiasm of the presenters”. 

“What an impressive event! … Wonderful to see such disciplined, succinct presentations on such a wide variety of issues.” 

“Interesting and appropriate to non-mental health organisations as much as mental health focused.”

“Brilliant. Carry on researching”

Map and Directions to the Robin Brook Centre 

Robin Brook Centre Accessibility information


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