To present at a SUGAR meeting, please contact Dr Sally Barlow at to request a suitable date/time.  Note: as meetings take place once a month, advance notice is strongly advised. Confirmation of an agreed date and time will be sent by email.

Timeslots are for approximately 50 minutes. It is suggested that any presentation should not take more than 15-20 minutes to allow time for discussion. This time may be used as the researcher wishes to explore research issues with the group. Creative, flexible approaches are welcome. The following suggestions are based on experience of what works well.

Computer and projector are available for presentations. Presentations should be tailored for the SUGAR group rather than be a formulaic presentation for an academic audience. It works best if there is a succinct overview of the study followed by specific, focused questions for the group. Think about what you want to get from SUGAR. It should not be a ‘tick box’ exercise to satisfy funders that you have consulted with service users/carers.

Researchers should expect to be questioned and challenged during the presentation and are encouraged to engage with this as it tends to create a productive meeting.

Please bring hand-outs to support your presentation. Most members like to make notes on these as issues are presented and discussed. Please use a minimum of 14pt font size.

Language and terminology should be accessible to a lay audience. Technical terms should be explained. Acronyms should be avoided where possible and explained if used.

SUGAR can discuss initial ideas for research; research proposals; ethical issues; patient information/recruitment documentation; instrument design; discussion/interpretation of results or findings; plans for dissemination etc.

SUGAR welcome different methods to explore particular research issues/challenges. This might include large or small group discussions; working in pairs or threes; written exercises; creative/art work; etc. Facilitation of discussions will be supported by Sally Barlow and other researchers present when required/helpful.

Researchers are encouraged to make notes of issues discussed with SUGAR. Feedback to the group of what has been helpful/less helpful is welcome, either at the end of the meeting or by email after the meeting.

SUGAR welcome feedback on changes to studies that have been made as a result of consultation with SUGAR. Presentations of results from studies that have involved SUGAR are also very welcome. SUGAR may contact researchers who have presented to SUGAR to request feedback. We would appreciate your participation in this.

All SUGAR members and researchers are asked to be respectful, non-judgemental and sensitive when discussing research issues. People come from a range of backgrounds with different life experiences and beliefs which we value. We strive to explore our viewpoints in a considerate and respectful manner and ask all researchers to do the same.

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