Appleby Health Centre
London  E16 1LQ


0203 738 7063

Community Children’s Nursing Service

Who we are

The Community Children's Nursing Service (CCNS) provides a range of services to support children who reside within the London Borough of Newham and who require nursing care, palliative care, technical support nursing or dietetic nutritional support within their home or other community setting.

What we do?

The CCNS is split into five teams covering different client groups: The Diana Team (palliative care); The Epilepsy Nursing Service; The Children’s Community Nursing Team (CCNT); Paediatric community dietetic team and Children’s Continuing care team.

Who do we see?

The service provides specialist paediatric care to children and young people from birth to 18 years (19yrs for young people with a palliative care diagnosis in coordination with the Diana team). The focus of this service is to minimise hospital attendance and to enable children and families to manage their health needs effectively and to access opportunities that maximise their potential. 

You can phone us on: 0203 738 7063

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