Looking after our own health and wellbeing has never been more important. So a number of apps or applications have been developed which you can download onto a smart phone to have ready access to, or view on your computer or other device.

An app is a computer programme that you can access from your device. You have to download the app onto your phone. When it is installed, it will appear as a symbol. Whenever you press on the symbol, it will present the information to you on your device. 

Have a Look at Our NHS Apps
NHS Digital have developed a range of apps to provide you with straightforward information about anything from  first aid, dealing with stress, to learning how to improve the way you get off to sleep. Some apps provide information and tips, others are in the form of a short course with actions and activities you need to do every day.

The content of all these apps have NHS approval so you can be sure that the information is valid, accurate and follows NHS guidelines. Take a look. You might find a solution to an issue you have been trying to address in your personal life.

Just click your cursor on the below image to see what is available


NHS Digital Approved Apps


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