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Neighbourhood Care Team - Towe...

The Neighbourhood Care Team consists of 12 community n...
Contact Details: Mile End Hospital, Bancroft Road
London E1 4DG
020 7377 7151

Community Health Services Tower Hamlets

Newham Centre for Mental Healt...

The Newham Centre for Mental Health can be found a...
Contact Details: Cherry Tree Way, Glen Road
London E13 8SP
020 7540 4380

Newham Centre for Mental Healt... Severe symptoms of mental illness Adult Mental Health Service Newham

Newham Child and Adolescent Me...

Community Mental Health Teams - Child & Adolescen...
Contact Details: York House, 411 Barking Road
London E13 8AL
020 8430 9000

ADHD Anxiety Autism Bipolar Disorder Depression Eating Disorders OCD Psychosis Schizophrenia Self-harm Child & Adolescent Mental Health Services Newham

Newham Child Development Servi...

Full details here:
Contact Details: 84 West Ham Lane, Stratford
London E15 4PT
020 8586 6250/51

Newham Community Services and ...

Management Newham Community Services and Mental Health ...
Contact Details: 2nd floor, Burdett House, Mile End Hospital
London E1 4DG
020 8121 5338/5339

Newham Health Team for Adults ...

Newham Community Team for People with Learning Disabili...
Contact Details: 29 Romford Road,
London E15 4LY
0207 059 6600

Learning Disabilities Community Health Services Newham

Newham IPS Employment Service

Finding and retaining paid work can play a significant ...
Contact Details: 117 Balaam Street, Plaistow
London E13 8AF
020 7510 4243

Adult Mental Health Service Newham

Newham Mental Health Crisis Li...

020 7771 5888 The Enhanced Newham Mental Health C...
Contact Details: ,

020 7771 5888

Adult Mental Health Service Newham

Newham Prostate Support Group

Have you or any of your loved ones recently had prostat...
Contact Details: Shrewsbury Road,
E7 8QP
020 8475 2012 (Mon-Fri)