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Diabetes Specialist Nursing Se...

The Diabetes Specialist Nursing ser...
Contact Details: Shrewsbury Road, East Ham
London E7 8QP
0207 909 3624 

Community Health Newham - East... Diabetes Community Health Services Newham

Diagnostic Memory Clinic - New...

The Diagnostic Memory Clinic is a multi-disciplinary te...
Contact Details: 103 First Avenue, Plaistow
London E13 9AP
020 8821 0900

Cognitive impairment Dementia Mental Health Older Adults & Dementia Newham


DIALOG and DIALOG+ were developed at the Unit for Socia...
Contact Details: Newham Centre for Mental Health,
London E13 8SP
020 7540 4210

Newham Centre for Mental Healt... Community Health Services Newham

Diana Team

The Diana Team is part of Children's Community Nursing ...
Contact Details: Newham Children's Community Nursing Service, Appleby Health Centre, 63 Appleby Road
London E16 1LQ
020 7059 6700

Genetic conditions Malignant disease Neurological conditions Physical disability Child Health Service Newham

Early Intervention Services (N...

The Newham Early Intervention Service (NEIS) assesses a...
Contact Details: Appleby Health Centre, 63 Appleby Road
London E16 1LQ
0203 738 7108

Appleby Health Centre Psychosis Adult Mental Health Service Newham

Emerald Ward

18 bed acute adult inpatient ward for people in the sou...
Contact Details: Cherry Tree Way, Glen Road
London E13 8SP
0207 540 4202

Newham Centre for Mental Healt... Severe symptoms of mental illness Adult Mental Health Service Newham

Enhanced Primary Care Liaison ...

This service bridges the gap between adult mental healt...
Contact Details: 115 Balaam Street, Plaistow
E13 8AF
0208 548 5177/ 5181

Bipolar Disorder Depression Post traumatic stress disorder Adult Mental Health Service Newham

Falls Prevention Clinic

The Falls Prevention Clinic (FPC) is an integrated Cons...
Contact Details: East Ham Care Centre, Shrewsbury Road
London E7 8QP
020 8475 2005/2006