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Child Development Service (inc...

The Child Development Centre is based at the West Ham L...
Contact Details: 84 West Ham Lane, Stratford
London E15 4PT
020 8586 6250/51

Chronic lung disease Coronary heart disease Diabetes Neurological conditions Physical disability Child Health Service Newham

Community Children’s Nursing S...

Full details available here: https://www.elft.nhs....
Contact Details: 63 Appleby Road , Canning Town
London E16 1LQ
0203 738 7063

Chronic lung disease Diabetes Genetic conditions Neurological conditions Physical disability Child Health Service Newham

Diabetes Specialist Nursing Se...

The Diabetes Specialist Nursing ser...
Contact Details: Shrewsbury Road, East Ham
London E7 8QP
0207 909 3624 

Community Health Newham - East... Diabetes Community Health Services Newham

Foot Health - Tower Hamlets

You can contact the service by phone or email...
Contact Details: ,

020 7771 5775

Mile End Hospital site Diabetes Wound Care Community Health Services Tower Hamlets

Telehealth Team

The Telehealth Team consists of Telehealth Care Support...
Contact Details: Shrewsbury Road ,
London E7 8QP
0208 536 2335

Chronic lung disease Diabetes Hypertension Community Health Services Newham