Staff Survey 2019 & Your Wellbeing in the Past Six Months

This year has definitely been one of the most challenging we have experienced yet. To support staff through this unprecedented time, the following initiatives were carried out that can be structured in three areas of focus:

Keeping You Safe
Physical Wellbeing
Emotional Wellbeing

Keeping You Safe

Initiatives to keep you safe at work include:

• Sent out 2,800 laundry bags and protective headbands – donated by various NHS volunteers across the country;
• 5,339 nights booked in hotels for staff who were unable to go home;
• Rolled-out safe COVID-19 testing;
• Paid for taxis for colleagues to get to work safely;
• Increased the budget for the cycle to work scheme.

Physical Wellbeing

• Sent out 25,510 ’thank you’ items. These include coffee pods, iced coffee, Easter eggs, energy drinks, flavoured waters, fresh fruit and veg hampers and snack bars.
• Organised the delivery of 1450 meals per week to a variety of our London sites;
• Encouraged participation in 3 new ELFT online fitness platforms;
• Consolidated over 65 NHS offers, making remote access to these easier via the new wellbeing website page.

Emotional Wellbeing
• Ran the #StandUpForYourselfie campaign to encourage staff to take their break
• Paid for access to childcare platform worth £5,000 
• Changed policies - carers leave
• Exceptional leave reward deadline was shortened to ensure that people who had to self-isolate would be able to access the scheme

This year's NHS Staff Survey opens on 28 September 2020 and will run for 8 weeks, until late November 2020 and it's an opportunity for you to pause and feedback on what further support you need to continue providing outstanding care to our service users and our communities.


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