The Trust has a number of initiatives set up to support the recruitment and retention of professions where we are experiencing more challenges to recruit and retain. Many of these challenges are being felt nationally, and our current emphasis is on health visiting, pharmacy and psychology services.


The Trust Is expanding and strengthening health visiting services in Newham as we are determined to provide the best support to young families from day one.

As a Health Visitor in Newham you will gain exceptional and varied experience in one of the most interesting and diverse areas in the country. Newham has one of the fastest growing populations in England, the largest population of children under one year of age and one of highest birthrates in Europe. Newly qualified Health Visitors joining the Trust receive structured support in the form of a preceptorship course; we also pride ourselves on the peer support within Health Visiting teams and excellent career progression.

Newham provides the best tools for community working. Laptops with Dragon speech recognition software are available for Health Visitors to enable more flexible working. The financial package for Health Visitors is comparable with the highest offered by any of the boroughs in London. Flexible hours are available and there are excellent transport links to commute from surrounding areas and visiting families does not require the use of a car.

Applying for a position as a health visitor – If you are currently a student Health Visitor or a qualified Health Visitor and would like to talk to somebody before making an application then contact our Health Visitor recruitment champion Matthew Anderson

Want to become a health visitor? Get in touch now – If you would like to discuss health visiting opportunities please contact our Health Visitor Champion at

See our health visitors in action:

Click here to watch NHS Videos with our Health Visitors giving advice to parents
For Danish Recruitment Click Here


Our pharmacy department currently employs around 40 staff comprising pharmacists, technicians, students and assistants. We offer excellent training and development opportunities in a friendly, flexible working environment – for detailed information on a career in pharmacy with ELFT click here


We welcome interest from trainees in psychotherapy and in counselling psychology who are involved with accredited training programmes and who are looking for unpaid placements as part of their study programmes. Placements will usually be for six months or longer. Placements are suitable for trainees in year 2 or later of their training programme and graduates in psychology whose degree fulfils the graduate basis for chartered membership - GBC - of the British Psychological Society. Specialist addiction services may have limited opportunities for undergraduate placements for applicants with specific skills. 

Short-term placements of less than three months will not be considered. Also we do not offer brief work placements in psychological services or ‘shadowing’ experience for students currently studying psychology at undergraduate level.

How to apply

You need to search the various departments from the information given to find the right placement for you and then to contact the department concerned directly. Find our services here.

If the department is able to assist they will arrange for our HR department to undertake the relevant formalities.

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